What if we could meet each other at different ages, beyond what's possible: if child suddenly becomes older than parent; a couple meets before they met in real life; friends jump 20 years into the future. What would change? What would stay the same?

BEYOND TIME is a digital time-travel experience that lets people see and talk to those closest to them, at various stages of their lives.

We developed this installation based on 100 years of Shiseido’s extensive scientific research on aging. It involved decades of 3D facial data gathered from a diverse range of women and men, aged from 10 to 80. Using the latest technology, we can accurately show, in real time and in three dimensions, how people look during the various stages of their lives.

This unique experience can help people see each other in ways they never could before. After they explore unknown sides of one another, they might just come away with a new appreciation for each other in the present.

#BeyondTime #ビヨンドタイム


  • Location:S/PARK ground floor
  • Open hours:11:00 - 17:30(12:00 - 13:30 Closed for system maintenance)
    Closed Sundays and public holidays
  • Duration:approximately 10 minutes
  • STEP 1


    We just need to get a few details, and then you’re all set to travel through time!

  • STEP 2


    Now comes the exciting part. Each of you enter a different room and scan your face to start the experience.

  • STEP 3

    Time Jumps

    Wait for the time travel to begin, then see what sort of interesting conversations you have, based on the ages you become.

  • STEP 4

    Capture Your Experience

    After the experience, you can take photos of your older or younger selves, so you can share and relive your BEYOND TIME memories.

Please note:
Your personal anonymized facial data will be utilized for this content.
Acquired data will be utilized for further Shiseido research on skin and aging.
Please check the terms of service here.


This project is based on Shiseido's long history of exploring the science of aging. It has been created using the results of data analysis by Shiseido's digital technology division, the Incubation Center Informatics Group. This is a collaboration with R/GA — a company renowned worldwide for its digital experience.

A global innovation leader for more than 40 years, R/GA helps clients grow through change. R/GA offers business transformation, experience transformation, and marketing transformation through its award-winning consulting, ventures, technology, design, marketing communications, and IP practices.