Shiseido Global Innovation Center

Opening in April 2019, Shiseido Global Innovation Center:S/PARK is a new R&D center that functions as the company’s global innovation hub. GIC centralizes information on customers and technologies from around the world to maximize the capabilities of R&D on a global level. As an urban open lab that will create value through direct interaction with customers, GIC will generate new value by integrating versatile expertise and collaborating with a wide variety of people, including customers, state-of-the-art research institutes at home and abroad, and partners from different industries.

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AAs an interactive, beauty-themed complex designed as a place to inspire beauty, floors 1-2 of the S/PARK offers an open communication space for public use, which is produced by Kundo Koyama (ORANGE AND PARTNERS) and designed by Oki Sato (nendo).

  • Broadcast Writer/Script WriterMr. Kundo Koyama
  • DesignerMr. Oki Sato

The name S/PARK has two meanings: Shiseido’s park where a wide variety of people gather from all over the world, and a place that will spark inspiration from these interactions. As the name suggests, S/PARK aims to create a space where visitors can be inspired.

S/PARK offers several zones to experience different types of beauty. The first floor consists of S/PARK Cafe, where guests can have relishing and beautifying experiences by consuming food, including menus created through a collaboration between Shiseido Parlour and Research Center; S/PARK Studio, where guests can experience active beauty through running and walking programs leveraging the know-how of Shiseido Running Club as well as beauty studio programs based on Shiseido’s original method; and S/PARK Beauty Bar, a cosmetic lab where researchers provide personal consultations on a customer's skin and information on cosmetic technologies and ingredients, where guests can even make personalized cosmetics.
The second floor features S/PARK Museum, which consists of interactive exhibitions and demonstrations unique to a research lab, through which visitors can learn about cutting-edge cosmetic technologies, participate in an experiment with researchers, and gain a sense of the beauty of the future. Discover your beauty inspiration through experiences and encounters in these places.

From the S/PARK PRE OPENING ROOM, we will provide exciting news about S/PARK, such as the preparation progress in each zone, the passion and dedication of Shiseido researchers, creators, and everyone else associated with the opening project, and special events where you can experience S/PARK’s services before the opening!