Welcome to the S/PARK PRE OPENING ROOM Website!

POSTED on 2018.11.6

Nice to Meet You! I’m Kentaro, (Self-Styled) S/PARK PRE OPENING ROOM Chief.

In April 2019, a beauty experience complex produced by Shiseido will open on floors 1–2 of the Shiseido Global Innovation Center:S/PARK in Minato Mirai for anyone to come and visit freely. This website will tell you how preparations are going ahead of S/PARK’s opening, introduce the service you will be able to experience after the opening, and provide attractive information about pre-opening trial events.

What is S/PARK?

The concept of S/PARK is “a place for encountering beauty inspirations. ” We are preparing it centering on four areas: the S/PARK Museum where you can experience science and beauty, the S/PARK Studio with running station and sports studio functionality, the S-PARK Cafe where we offer delicious and beautiful meals, and the S/PARK Beauty Bar where you can purchase cosmetics only offered here and have cosmetic experiences unique to a research institute. Through these spaces found nowhere else, it is our hope that we can get excited about beauty, science, creativity, and the future together with all of you.

▲This is S/PARK under construction. The staircase is going to become symbolic of S/PARK, so Please look forward to it.!

The thoughts behind S/PARK and the logotype.

The name S/PARK has the two meanings of “a Shiseido park that gathers diverse people from all over the world” and “a place that sparks inspiration born from those encounters.” It was based on that idea that we designed the logotype with the Shiseido S motif.
We envision that inspiration gathers in S/PARK and that inspiration generates innovation, which is then transmitted to the rest of the world.
I don’t mean to brag, but I do like it!

What I want to convey through S/PARK.

I want everyone to know that Shiseido is a really, really fun company.
I want everyone to know that Shiseido is thinking very hard about how to make our customers happy. I want everyone to know that Shiseido is an innovative company that isn’t afraid of trying new things. I have so much I want to convey and that I want people to experience. You’ll be surprised! Be sure to come by in April!

▲In front of the staff’s passionate messages ahead of the S/PARK opening

Lastly, a few words from Kentaro, (Self-Styled) PRE OPENING ROOM Chief.

At S/PARK, we want to show you Shiseido as you’ve never seen it before. And it’s our hope that you’ll all enjoy that Shiseido. We in the PRE OPENING ROOM are planning to use this website to show you our struggles as we’re preparing for the opening and have you try out our services as they are being developed, and through that work together to create S/PARK until April. So, we’ll make a page where you can give advice as well. Please do tell us if you have any interesting ideas or advice, like “What about you do this?” Thank you for your support!