Shiseido’s New Research Center, “Shiseido Global Innovation Center (S/PARK)” Starts Full-Scale Operation in April 2019

POSTED on 2018.11.7

【Shiseido Global Innovation Center (S/PARK)】

Shiseido’s new research center, “Shiseido Global Innovation Center” (hereinafter GIC) has completed construction as of October 31, 2018 at Minato Mirai 21 in Yokohama, Japan and will gradually roll out operations from mid-December. In April 2019, GIC will be operating at full scale, dedicating its first and second floors to the public as a communication space where visitors can experience and engage in beauty.
GIC will act as an innovation hub, creating unprecedented value through integrating various knowledge and expertise through collaboration with leading-edge research facilities and other industries in and outside Japan, as well as communication with diverse people including consumers. GIC is dubbed S/PARK and aims to be an open and inviting venue where many people can feel free to come by.

Aim of establishment

Shiseido Company, Limited (“Shiseido”) was established as Japan's first private Western-style pharmacy in 1872 and opened its Testing Laboratory, a product development and improvement facility, in 1916. Since then, Shiseido has conducted wide-ranging research in various fields for over 100 years, providing consumers with high-quality products and creating diverse beauty. With the establishment of GIC (S/PARK), Shiseido will further increase its innovation capability and continue offering new value to consumers around the world going forward.

GIC (S/PARK) overview

The name S/PARK encompasses two meanings: “Shiseido Park” where people come and gather, and “a research center that sparks” continuous innovations.
GIC (S/PARK) will act as an “urban open lab” to create the best matched value through integrating various expertise, information and technologies of cutting-edge research facilities and other industries in Japan and overseas and realize innovations beyond national and industrial boundaries. Furthermore, centering on GIC (S/PARK), which serves as the basic research base, Shiseido will promote “hub-and-spoke operations” connecting its innovation centers around the world while each center is pursuing value development to meet local consumer needs. Through the hub-and-spoke model, Shiseido will centralize customer and technology information and communicate values to the world. In addition to these unprecedented approaches, Shiseido will also bolster researchers’ ingenuity by upgrading research facilities and equipment and creating a comfortable working environment in the lab.
The first and second floors will be a beauty complex consisting of four communication areas, namely, S/PARK Cafe, which will offer healthy menus that are created being inspired by the research on beauty and dieting; S/PARK Studio, a sports facility in which visitors can experience beauty programs designed with the expertise of Shiseido Running Club; S/PARK Beauty Bar, which will offer an opportunity to create one’s own cosmetics; and S/PARK Museum, an experience-based museum presenting cutting-edge technologies.