SHISEIDO GLOBAL INNOVATION CENTER S/PARK Challenges to Make a Wish for Beauty Come True 01

POSTED on 2018.12.25

A new program began in the radio show FM Yokohama 84.7 FUTURESCAPE on November 24, starting around 9:35 a.m. It will explore what Shiseido Global Innovation Center:S/PARK* has to offer, together with radio personalities Kundo Koyama and Maki Yanai. The program airs on the last Saturday of every month until the grand opening of the facility.

*Hereinafter, GIC (S/PARK)

GIC (S/PARK) is Shiseido’s cutting-edge research lab scheduled to open in Minato Mirai 21, Yokohama, in April 2019. As Shiseido Research Center, currently located in Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama, will move to Minato Mirai,
FM Yokohama, broadcasting from that very location, will disseminate information about the new research center during its program as a partner to generate excitement.

As an interactive, beauty-themed complex based on the concept of a place to be inspired by beauty, GIC (S/PARK) its first and second floors will offer an open communication space for consumers. The radio program will feature the contents of the first and second floors.

On the memorable first broadcast, the program welcomed Yuko Watanabe, a skin specialist who works on a wide range of beauty research projects at the current Shiseido Research Center, and Kentaro Kurauchi, a person in charge of GIC (S/PARK) and the self-proclaimed chief of S/PARK Pre-Opening Room.

In this interview, Watanabe and Kurauchi will discuss what GIC (S/PARK) has to offer and the differences between the current research center and the new GIC (S/PARK).

SHISEIDO GLOBAL INNOVATION CENTER S/PARK Challenges to Make a Wish for Beauty Come True 01

Yuko Watanabe (left) and Kentaro Kurauchi (right)

An entirely new, cutting-edge research lab where customers and researchers meet and interact! What is the place to be inspired by beauty, Shiseido Global Innovation Center:S/PARK?

Yanai: Let’s start by asking about what GIC (S/PARK) has to offer.

Koyama: It is located near this studio, and the exterior looks completed already.

Exterior of Shiseido Global Innovation Center:S/PARK

Kurauchi: The building itself serves as a research lab, while its first and second floors are open to the public. We want these areas to be a place to create new encounters with customers and discover innovation and inspiration. It is full of new excitement that we would also like to introduce in this program.

Koyama: Where is the research lab currently located?

Watanabe: Our research center is currently located in Tsuzuki, but the space open to the public is limited. GIC (S/PARK) is a completely new attempt, where customers and researchers can interact directly, which we hope will generate inspiration. We can gain customer insights more quickly and directly tell customers what we have discovered during over 100 years of research.

Yanai: By the way, Kundo, you are also involved in GIC (S/PARK), right?

Koyama: Yes, I participated in the entire concept building. Beauty innovation is the basis of this project, and openness is critical for innovation. It will be an open lab where many people come over, researchers gain inspiration from visitors, which then will serve as feedback for further research activities. I guess an open lab of this scale is unprecedented.

Watanabe: That’s right. It is so unprecedented that we have many challenges to overcome. (^^)

Introducing GIC (S/PARK), an attractive place not only for women.

Yanai: We still do not know much about GIC (S/PARK). Could you tell us a little more?

Kurauchi: GIC (S/PARK) is an interactive, beauty-themed place where consumers can be inspired by beauty. It houses an art & science-themed museum, a sports studio in collaboration with Shiseido Running Club, a café along the street in Minato Mirai, a Beauty Bar where visitors can experience new cosmetics, and more.

Koyama: Being beautiful is important both inside and out.

Yanai: That’s right, and this facility seems to cover everything!

Koyama: This is an attractive place for not only women but men. I want to be beautiful, too. (^^)

Kurauchi: Men are definitely welcome, too!

“I want to be beautiful!” Report by Oranda-chan and Saboten-chan

To further convey the attraction of GIC (S/PARK) in this program, radio personality Koyama suddenly came up with one project, which also started with the program.

Female College Student Assistant Directors of the radio show, Oranda-chan and Saboten-chan

College Student Assistant Director Emi Ideuchi, also known as Oranda-chan
College Student Assistant Director Yuka Yamaguchi, also known as Saboten-chan

In cooperation with GIC (S/PARK), the two ladies will energetically take on challenges to be more beautiful in accordance with each theme.

In the first episode, they reported about the inside of GIC (S/PARK), which is currently in preparation for the grand opening, a place that will make them more beautiful.

The signboard of GIC (S/PARK) is already completed

Oranda-chan and Saboten-chan, having been told by the director to report from Shiseido’s new research lab because of its proximity to FM Yokohama, unsure of what to report

Oranda-chan and Saboten-chan, wearing helmets, touring the top-floor terrace and the facilities on the first and second floors currently under construction

With a person in charge of GIC (S/PARK) giving a tour of the facility. As the name Global Innovation Center (GIC) suggests, they were overwhelmed to learn the variety of functions of the innovative ideas set in place everywhere.

Finally, they realized that this was a place to be inspired by beauty and learn hints for the future, as the tour ended.

However, there are still many things that they cannot begin to imagine. They will learn more about the future of Shiseido.

Oranda-chan and Saboten-chan standing in front of the ‘S’-shaped (as in SHISEIDO) atrium staircase in the research lab

As a guest in the studio, Watanabe encouragingly said, “The more you know, the more you will want to learn. You will discover other options in a direction that you have never before considered. I hope we can work together for multifaceted beauty!”

Find out how Oranda-chan and Saboten-chan will become beautiful on the radio program and S/PARK Pre Opening Room online!

The next episode will air around 9:35 a.m. on Saturday, January 19, 2019. The entire first episode is also available on a streaming platform SoundCloud.
*Japanese language only