(Self-proclaimed) Chief of S/PARK PRE OPENING ROOM Kentaro Report 01

POSTED on 2019.1.9

Hello, everyone.
I am Kentaro, (the self-proclaimed) chief of S/PARK PRE OPENING ROOM.

Read this article to learn more about this website and me!

As we are preparing for the opening in April 2019, we will provide a little preview of the new Shiseido facilities, SHISEIDO GLOBAL INNOVATION CENTER: S/PARK!

First, do you have any idea what these huge characters are?

This is the Shiseido logo, which will be displayed on the exterior of S/PARK!

It is lit in red during the day and in white at night.

Minato Mirai has an especially beautiful nightscape at this time of year.
S/PARK changes its look slightly by day and night.
The exterior is already complete. Enjoy the view if you come to this area.

Now, I will introduce S/PARK at night.

S/PARK Surrounded by Greenery and Water

Trees are planted in the areas around S/PARK.
Looking at your feet, you will see lighting that looks as though it were sunshine filtering through foliage.

Coming across this effect even at night is charming, isn’t it?

A pond also spreads across the west side of the facilities.

An atmosphere where you might be able to ask someone special out.
At night, S/PARK might become a date spot!

S/PARK not only provides a variety of services, but the facilities themselves are packed with ideas and attention to details.

We would be delighted if you dropped by and used the facilities.

Until next time!