S/PARK Museum Beauty/Science


You and Shiseido’s Inspiration Creates Chemistry.

In order for us to aspire to such a place, we established this hands-on museum to experience beauty through interactive communication.

Since our establishment in 1872, Shiseido has continued to infuse and breath innovations into beauty, including cosmetics, lifestyle, cultures, and environment.
What we have viewed over the course of this long journey is that there are no single answers to beauty. It has unlimited and diverse potential.

We wish that you will encounter these hints of “Beauty” here, to make your daily life and the world a better place in the future.


S/PARK Museum consists of 4 zones: SCIENCE × ART, LIFE OF BEAUTY, INNOVATIONS IN BEAU-TY, and FUTURE. At each zone, visitors will be confronted by a variety of questions related to “Beau-ty”, a theme of the S/PARK Museum. We hope you will find your own answers to these questions through these unique exhibitions and hands-on experiences.


In this zone, visitors can experience and see the science & art of cosmetic production with a sample of the ”Eu-dermine” product, one of our very first product and the root of Shiseido Beauty that was released in 1897. In addition, there are exhibition stages divided into 6 categories: “face-wash”, “skincare”, “sun care”, “founda-tion”, “makeup”, and “fragrance”. Here, general principles of science and application methods for cosmetics are introduced through experiments and video images. Our products are exhibited on the wall per theme of “col-ors” and “shapes” so that visitors can sense the artistic side of Shiseido.


Shiseido has continued to lead the way in not only the changing concepts of beauty through cosmet-ics, but towards our daily lives by way of innovative ideas. Through the projection of such cultures and our Life Quality Business, we want to offer opportunities to reconsider just “How We Can Live Beautifully.” At the attraction placed at the entrance of the zone, visitors can enjoy being the protag-onist of a movie across time and space, to experience the changing hairstyles and fashions from each era. You can also get to know the history of Shiseido Parlour, which has been seeking the aes-thetic beauty within food culture, and exhibitions displaying Shiseido’s corporate culture magazine, [HANATSUBAKI], first published in 1937.


The zone introduces the latest in Shiseido’s research and product prototypes under development. In addition, they display the latest case studies through panels and video images.


The space holds not only workshops and events, but experimental exhibitions as well. We are planning work-shops and researches, contents and projects regarding beauty for elementary and junior high school students.


A Museum Shop where visitors can purchase original goods only available at S/PARK. You can purchase goods such as practical items like stationeries, to miscellaneous lifestyle goods only available here.

S/PARK Museum
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