Discovering S/PARK Museum, a Place That Stimulates People’s Curiosity about Beauty

POSTED on 2018.12.19

S/PARK Museum occupies the second floor of SHISEIDO GLOBAL INNOVATION CENTER (S/PARK) that is due to open in Minato Mirai, Yokohama, as a new, interactive museum.
In this issue, we interviewed three project members who have been involved from the very beginning: Eri Ishida and Tomomi Sato of Social Value Creation Division, Shiseido, and Kayoko Fujii from Nomura Co., Ltd., one of our partnering companies.

From left to right: Ms. Fujii (Nomura Co., Ltd.), Ms. Ishida and Ms. Sato (both Shiseido)

New Museum that Allows Visitors to Discover Questions of Beauty through Experience

— First of all, describe the features of S/PARK Museum.

Ishida: At S/PARK Museum, we want visitors to feel that Shiseido is a company that goes beyond the field of cosmetics and considers the future of beauty in a broad array of fields, including lifestyle and culture.
As the museum is located within a research center, it is designed to convey the advantages of Shiseido with a special focus on science, technology and products.

Sato: Shiseido opened the Shiseido Corporate Museum in Kakegawa, Shizuoka Prefecture, in 1992 to mark the 120th anniversary of its founding. While it exhibits the company’s historical materials in chronological order, S/PARK Museum will introduce the company from a different angle. As an important feature of this museum, visitors will not only view, but also enjoy exhibits through interactive experiences.

Fujii: Shiseido is always asking and thinking about beauty. Through such exploration, we developed a concept that will be the center of the exhibition: Questions of Beauty.
The museum will convey Shiseido’s technologies, but we hope when visitors see the exhibition, they find something that addresses the questions they wonder about and take it with them.

— That is an interesting concept. What exactly are the Questions of Beauty?

Fujii: It is something similar to: “What should I do for a life of beauty?” or “What on earth is beauty?” The Questions of Beauty will arouse and stimulate that curiosity about beauty that is in everyone’s mind. By posing the Questions of Beauty, the space is designed to extend the range of expression of beauty and encourage guests to discover, capture and celebrate their own beauty.

— Who do you want to visit S/PARK Museum?

Sato: Of course we would like to be able to welcome a wide range of visitors. I hope that daughters, who will soon start wearing cosmetics, and their parents visit this place in particular to obtain accurate information on cosmetics as a gateway to the consideration of beauty.

The Past, Present, and Future of Shiseido: Highlighting the Five Zones

— S/PARK Museum is said to be divided into five key zones. Describe the features of each zone.

1. Science & Art Zone

Fujii: As Shiseido is best associated with cosmetics, visitors will learn about cosmetics in the first zone.
This section starts with an introduction of Eudermine, one of Shiseido's iconic products. Through this introduction, guests will sense that cosmetics provide excitement and thrills. We believe that by offering advice to those hoping to wear cosmetics soon about how to choose cosmetic products, we can support their encounter with quality cosmetics.

We will also display Shiseido’s historic package designs. We will organize exhibits that allow guests to see which technologies are applied to develop Shiseido’s products. We hope that by learning the substantial science behind the production of our cuteness, visitors will become more interested in science.

2. Life of Beauty Zone

Fujii: Shiseido has not only proposed a beautiful appearance from the use of cosmetics. This zone introduces Shiseido’s activities and projects that lead to a life of beauty, such as the transmission of culture via its corporate culture magazine, Hanatsubaki, and Life Quality projects. For a Question of Beauty in this section, we are considering using words that will spark the interest and curiosity of many generations, such as, “How can we polish our sense of beauty?”

We introduce various ways to allow visitors to find answers to the Questions of Beauty. For instance, when a persona girl we created looks at beautiful exhibits at Shiseido Gallery to polish her sense of beauty, she gains a new perspective on beauty and becomes more beautiful. We hope that guests will put themselves in the shoes of this girl to obtain a perspective that leads to a life of beauty.

3.Beauty Innovation Zone

Ishida: While this area is also open to general visitors, it is designed as a waiting area for business users before meetings.
It introduces Shiseido’s latest technologies as well as prototypes of products currently being developed. We hope that these exhibits will provide cues and inspiration to create new business.

4. Future Zone

Ishida: This zone is positioned as a free space where workshops, events and experimental exhibitions can be organized. It is an open, friendly space with a high ceiling, which can be freely used to create bustle.
As the name Future Zone implies, this section will contain contents that are futuristic and demonstrate how Shiseido pursues the beauty of the future.

During summer vacation, we will plan research workshops, through which participating students in elementary and middle school can summarize and report the findings in their summer research project. Look forward to them.

5. Museum Shop

Ishida: As for merchandise, we are mainly thinking of cute items that visitors will want to use, such as stationery.

Sato: As part of a research center, we are also considering some unique merchandise ideas, such as experimental tools, for example flasks. Please, look forward to them.

We want to create a place that represents the passion of researchers

— Describe the new projects made possible by S/PARK.

Fujii: Most prominent is the collaboration with passionate researchers. As for skincare, for instance, I had so much fun speaking with an experienced researcher on emulsification. I had an opportunity to brainstorm with researchers about how to convey their thoughts and expertise to the public to create a fun and easy-to-understand experience. That opportunity motivated me and as a result a scientific touch has been added to the exhibition.

They are happy and thrilled to have S/PARK Museum, because they have few opportunities to communicate with customers about the things to which they are devoted.

Sato: I really want visitors to see our enthusiasm and passion!