(Self-proclaimed) Chief of S/PARK PRE OPENING ROOM Report 02 —Night Run Section—

POSTED on 2019.2.20

Hello, everyone. I am Kentaro, (the self-proclaimed) chief of S/PARK PRE OPENING ROOM.
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The lower section of SHISEIDO GLOBAL INNOVATION CENTER: S/PARK, the new Shiseido facilities that we are preparing to open in April 2019, will have a variety of communication areas. One area is S/PARK Studio that combines a running station, which offers running and walking programs developed through the know-how of Shiseido Running Club, with spaces where users can experience active beauty through original studio programs to make them look more beautiful based on Shiseido’s original methods.

For the opening, we held the Run & Walk event as a trial experiment last December.

There were a variety of participants, from advanced runners to beginners.
About 40 people gathered at S/PARK.

Start by carefully warming up.

This course was mainly designed for the enjoyment of the beautiful illuminations in Minato Mirai in December. Participants were divided into running teams and walking teams, based on the desired distance.

Fascinated by the beautiful illuminations, all participants enjoyed running, not bothered by the cold.

Looking sideways at the Landmark Tower and the Ferris wheel

Commemorative photo taken during a break

The team that ran the greatest distance went to the area near the Red Brick Warehouse and then returned.

All teams returned to S/PARK in about an hour.
Everyone made it look easy.

It seems that participants were able to run more when they called out and encouraged each other, instead of running alone.
Beginners also felt safe, because they were led by members of Shiseido Running Club.

Finally, they did sit-ups to cool down.

We are studying a variety of events similar to this, even after the opening of S/PARK. Come and join us!